Data Center


The IT industry has various Data protection and business continuity needs. STPI can provide customized solutions for the customers. Existing data communication customers can use the local loops more efficiently by using the same to connect to the DR site at STPI for their backup services during scheduled backup hours. Depending on the data size, the same local loops can be used or customers can upgrade their local loop bandwidth.

Some common Data protection services identified are:


Remote backup services

Customer data is backed up over high speed dedicated MAN from the customer’s corporate facility to the world-class data center at STPI-B NOC. STPI will run the daily incremental backups and weekly full backups with two-week library retention of the customer backup tapes and standard 24/7-customer support. The data can be backed up to Disk or tape depending on the customer requirements.


Remote tape backup

(FTP and backup software based)- In this service provisioning, the final destination of customer’s data is the tapes on the tape library. However the restoration time taken is longer since tapes are sequential devices and the correct media set has to be loaded manually during restore.


Remote disk backup

(FTP and backup software based) - In this service, the final destination of customers is on Disk array which is a random access device making restores easier. Since a copy of data is available on the disk, users recover data quickly.


Enhanced Backup

This service allows for the online backup and restoration of databases like Oracle, DB2, MS SQL and Microsoft Exchange.


Managed Vaulting Services

Organizations with more stringent security requirements may select this maximum data protection solution. After storing the critical data on tape, STPI removes these tapes from the library and then places them in a secure off-site location. STPI manages the rotation of those tapes between the tape library and off-site vaulting location according to the customer specified time frame.


Remote NAS services

The storage or remote drive appears to the customer as a local drive to which the users can add, delete, change etc. The data resides on the disk in the NAS appliance or disk array with NAS head.


Remote Server services

In this service, the data is available on the disk array at STPI. In the event of disaster, an application server provided by the customer or STPI is mobilized to access data from the disk array drive dedicated to the customer. The same server can also be co-located on the Internet for access by global customer.


Customized Services

STPI is committed to provide flexibility as per the customer’s DR plan provided it is within the scope of its managed DR services with respect to the data size, data availability i.e. on-line or near-line or off-line, accessibility (over WAN or manual), restore frequency etc

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