Application for Import of Capital Goods (S.T.P)


Procedure for obtaining certification of import from STPI

STP units are free to import all capital goods those required for creating STP infrastructure unless otherwise the same are in the prohibited list. STP units are allowed to import equipment on Outright Purchase or Loan or free cost or Lease basis. (Application format is at
S. No. 9 )

Check List for Importation of duty free Capital Goods


A request letter accompanied with Annexure IX to S.T.P.I.






Cross verify the following with Annexure IX of Handbook & proforma Invoice attached with the request letter


Name and Location of STP unit




Name of Supplier and Country of Origin






Invoice No. & Date


Description of Goods




New Equipment/Used Equipment


Currency of the Invoice.


Check whether the invoice is on CIF value or FOB Value. If the request is on FOB value add 21.125% to the FOB value and derive the CIF Value


Check method of import i.e., Outright Purchase or Loan Basis or Free of Charge Basis.


If equipment is to be imported on Loan basis the invoice should clearly state that "Material are sent on Loan Basis for project purpose for a period of __________" . "The Value is for Customs Purpose only".


If the equipment is imported on Free of Charge the invoice should clear state that "material are sent on Free of Charge of basis" and "The value is for Customs purpose only".


The Invoice should also clearly mention the place where the goods is destined to.

Note: - 1) if the importation is on loan basis the maximum period of loan is 24 months

Import of Second-hand Capital Goods

Import of second-hand goods is permitted by STPI.
1)The capital goods to be imported is less than seven years old, a self declaration (format for Self Declaration is at Annexure X) has to be accompanied with import request.
2)The Capital Goods to be imported is more than seven years old a chartered Engineers Certificate (format of Chartered Engineers Certificate is at Annexure XI) has to be accompanied with import request.

Duty Free import of equipment is permitted based on the import certificate from STPI along with proforma invoice duly attested. STP units are required to ensure that they operate within the imported capital goods (CG) limit as indicated in approval letter. Therefore, at the time each import the Initial CG Approved & the running balance is mandatory to be shown in the Annexure IX. (However, STP units can apply for enhancement in value of CG on exhaustion)

Note:- Annexure X & XI would be required only if the import is on Out right Purchase Basis

Process for Bonding

Consequent to the receipt of Import Approval from STPI and after actual import of equipment the following procedure should be followed for physical supervision by Bonding Officer of STPI

Format of Bond Register for imported capital goods

1) After the goods reach STP units the same are to be entered in the bond register (format of Bond Register is at Annexure XII), duly maintained.

Application for Bonding request

1)Thereafter, the physical supervision will be taken over by STPI for which STPI should be informed (format for requesting physical supervision is at Annexure-XIII) as soon as the goods reach the STP units.

STPI Bonding officer will inspect the imported capital goods in relation with the import approval issued by STPI, BoE, Packing list etc.,

Format of Re-warehousing Certificate

2) The Bonding Officer will endorse the Bond Register and will issue re-warehousing certificate (format is at Annexure-XIV) for above re-warehousing done in normal course, this re-warehousing certificate, has to be submitted to customs office from where movement of goods started to cancel the transit bond before 21 days of boning of equipment.

Format of sticker for imported capital goods

3) After physical supervision and bonding of the imported Capital Goods STP units are required to fix a sticker mentioning "THIS ITEM SHOULD NOT BE REMOVED FROM STP BONDED AREA".The sticker should be in red color (format of STICKER is at Annexure XV). This is required to be attached so as to differentiate the Duty Free imported capital goods from the others.

Note: -


In cases where the goods have been found short-shipped, short landed or lost in transit prior to actual import and/or detected as such at the time of Customs clearance, import of replacement goods will be permitted on the strength of the certificate issued by the Customs authorities/ STPI authorities without an import license.






In case units are operating in more than one location, a separate Bond Register should be maintained and should made available/placed in the respective location


The units are advised to maintain a database in order keep track of Capital Goods Imports. (Please: Annexure XXI gives a broad outline of database that should be maintained)


The units are also advised that the Imports Approval, Attested Invoice BoE & related documents should be preserved neatly, since it is statutory to retain the documents for 10 years.



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Application for Import of Capital Goods Format

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