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Last Mile Connectivity (Local Loop)

In the early 90s the Information Technology industry was growing and there was a huge demand for bandwidth. While international bandwidth was available, there was a shortfall in the Last mile connectivity. To address the last mile connectivity shortfall, S.T.P.I. has its own Microwave network catering to the immediate needs of the customers. This network was further strengthened by the addition of Point to Point radio networks enabling the delivery of a 2 Mbps or more bandwidth over the last mile.

S.T.P.I. uses the latest software tools to design the microwave link and the same is tested in-house before implementation. Over a period of time, S.T.P.I. microwave network has evolved to be one of the biggest microwave network in use for data communication and has now become a true multi vendor network.

In the years after the millennium and with private operators starting services, copper and fiber based last mile connectivity has become a reality. S.T.P.I. has established an understanding with all major service providers such as B.S.N.L., Bharti etc. to service last mile over copper and fiber. With last mile on copper / fiber there is considerable improvements in quality of service such as reduced delay, multiple redundancy options etc. The last mile service providers have designed the last mile in such a manner that the fiber is extended very near to the customer premises. This ensures that the copper to the customer premises is only a few meters. The Fiber switches of all the service providers mentioned above are located at S.T.P.I. - N.O.C., this reduces the provisioning time and increases the efficiency in case of troubleshooting.